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Students should double-space their writing, number pages, and be sure to use appropriate punctuation, grammar, and citation styles, i.e., put concluding periods and commas inside quotation marks like this: Mike said, I really dont want to write this paper. If thats a citation it should look like this: According to our text, I really dont want to write this paper (Ward, 2017). I do not expect a bibliography with this paper, but if you cite sources outside course material please reference them appropriately. If you borrow a quote from the Washington Post, cite it. If you borrow from Carol Sanger, you may simply cite her in the text, e.g., (Sanger, 2017: 44).  Use a proper citation style; do not use URLs or hyperlinks unless those are the only sources of information, such as on YouTube. Papers should not exceed 8 pages in length.

Among her most potent insights is Carol Sangers treatment of privacy and secrecy. In class, we discussed that part of what distinguishes the two ideas is shame, i.e., secrecy implies something shameful to be hidden but not simply because it is personal; its judged.

The notion of secrecy runs throughout our texts for the semester and can be seen in many of the materials we discussed during lecture. For this paper, develop an essay that shows how privacy, secrecy, shame (or any other connective thread of your choosing), runs throughout our texts and in the supplemental materials you have explored this term. The substance of the paper is yours to choose but be sure to treat this as a comprehensive, take-home exam, and not simply an opportunity to opine or discuss unrelated ideas.

please use these books:
Sanger, Carol, About Abortion: Terminating Pregnancy in Twenty-First-Century America (Belknap Press: An Imprint of Harvard University Press, 2017).

Stryker, Susan, Transgender History, 2nd edition (New York: Seal Press, 2017).

Ward, Jane, Not Gay: Sex Between Straight White Men (New York: New York University Press, 2015).

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