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PRIMARY REQUIREMENTS: In this 2020 Police Inquiry, you shall examine at least one of the following critical thinking questions:
1.    What are the problems with policing that require the most attention? How do we best approach solutions?
2.    Many argue we should defund the police, what do you think of this argument? Examine the pros and cons of the proposition, take a position, and support it with facts.
3.    Many have argued that compliance with police would result in far less violence and deaths.  There are many examples of people resisting police without good reason; how much responsibility falls on citizens respecting police authority without resistance?
1.    In your response, you must give detailed knowledge of at least one instance of police brutality that relates to your police inquiry
2.    Discuss at least one larger connecting issue to the problem of policing in this country.  Examples of the larger connecting issues are: A. Americas gun culture makes it difficult to believe in an unarmed police force like Englands where the death rate is much lower. B. The Broken Window Theory used to justify police actions is a highly debated approach to policing, including your thoughts on this topic C. Police unions are seen as the greatest impediment to reform, discuss this problem D. Race plays a key role in the problems with policing, discuss your thoughts on this topic.
3.    The paper must be written in Times New Roman MLA format.
4.    The paper must have 4-5 citations in the body of the essay in MLA format.
5.    The paper must have 5-7 sources listed on a separate Works Cited page; please submit the Works Cited page with the essay and separately in the separate grade window for Works Cited.

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