Any topic (writer’s choice)

Develop one of the prompts below into a well-developed essay with an introduction, a clear thesis statement, multiple body paragraphs, and a conclusion. 

Pre-write and plan your essay before beginning.
Remember TEXAS for your body paragraphs: Topic sentence, Elaborate, Examples, Analysis, Summary sentence.
Write a rough draft, revise, edit, and then write a final draft.
Use Grammarly to find and correct minor errors.
Only upload your final draft.
You may use what you have learned from the two articles in your essay. The majority of the essay needs to be your ideas and in your voice. Use in-text citations when you cite an article. Your in-text citation should be the author’s last name only (Carter) or (Staedter).

Do not use any other sources. Do not go online and Google this topic. Turnitin will be enabled to make sure that this is your original work.

Choose one of the topics below:

Should humans colonize Mars? Why or why not? Write an argument essay using logical reasons to support your stance. Do not use first person words (I, me, my, mine).
If you had the chance to go to Mars to help begin a human settlement there, would you go? Why or why not? Write an essay explaining the reasons for your choice. You may use first person words (I, me, my, mine).
Colonizing Mars would be incredibly expensive. If humans could agree to spend all that time and money to solve problems on Earth instead, what are the three most important problems to solve and why? Do not use first person words (I, me, my, mine).

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