Any topic (writer’s choice)

this is the instruction please I want no hard vocabulary less than high school if you could this is the instruction the topic is  (    Do economic sanctions work? Discuss  )

Essay format

Your response must include an introduction, at least 3 body paragraphs, and a conclusion:
    The introduction should contain a thesis statement (for example, war is becoming obsolete because of A, B, and C) or a definition of the key term being discussed (for example, economic sanctions or norms).
    Each of the body paragraphs should start with a topic sentence that reflects your response to the question. For example, for topic #2, each body paragraph should start with a different reason that explains why liberals are optimistic about human progress; the reason is then explained and supporting real-life examples are provided to illustrate the point. So in this example, at least three reasons (and three body paragraphs) should be offered explaining why liberals are optimistic.

Academic essay
You are encouraged to reflect critically about the issue and to form your own considered opinion about it. Considered opinion refers to a point of view that is formed AFTER reading widely about the varied opinions of scholars, experts, practitioners on this subject. You will have to consider where you stand on a particular topic and demonstrate an awareness of the counter-arguments.

I am happy to comment on an outline in which you briefly state what you intend to write in your intro, body paragraphs (for example, what the three reasons are, which examples you will use), and conclusion. If you choose to submit a draft, this MUST reach me no later than 29 Nov.

Submission deadline
13 December 11.59pm via Blackboard. Late submissions will be penalized at a rate of a five-point deduction per late day.

Assignment weight
25% of total course grade.

Minimum word count
2,500 words. The word count excludes the number of words for the bibliography/references.

There is zero tolerance for plagiarized or outsourced work.

Bibliography and references
You must include a list of sources that you used to craft the response. If you use direct quotations or statistics or make reference to views held by a scholar, you must also cite the source. Any bibliographical format is acceptable (MLA, APA etc) as long as it is consistent throughout the essay.

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