Any topic (writer’s choice)

Think of all the topics that we covered in class, both in Unit 1 and Unit 2 of the course (e.g.
Torts, Criminal Law, Constitutional Law, Contracts, etc.) and find a news article that
relates to any of the legal topics that we discussed.
Once you locate an article that piques your interest, I would like you to draft a paper that
discusses the article from a legal perspective. Do you agree with the article? Is it legally
sound? Why or why not?
I am essentially looking for an educated discussion to ensure that you are understanding
the legal concepts and able to apply that knowledge to real life situations.
By way of example, if I located an article that talks about Facebooks Censorship of
Political Posts, I would discuss what the article is about and discuss the ramifications that it
has on First Amendment protections. So, first Id talk about what the first amendment
protects, then Id analyze whether Facebooks attempts to limit political speech is
permissible per the First Amendment and whether I agree with their actions or not. I may
also want to discuss what my thoughts are on the law as it stands today should it be
changed? Should it be modified? Etc.
Paper Requirements:
Five (5) page discussion, double-spaced. Twelve Font.
You MUST include a copy of the article that you are discussing. If your article is electronic,
you can include a link in your email when submitting your paper.

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