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Activities: (2)1.Read notes on La Ngritude and the excerpts on this movement (Pdf)2.Read Ferdinans Oyonos The Old Man and the MedalDeliverable: (1)For this final assignment, students will write a comparative research paper based on the readings from Module III and Module IV concentrating on Memmis The Pillar of Salt and Oyonos The Old Man and the Medal.Topic: Identity crisis in the works of Memmi and Oyono in the context of French Colonization.Format: The paper must be:6 pages ( roughly 1800 words) NOT counting  the Works Cited pageDouble-spaced (2)Times New Roman12- font sizeContent: You must use your primary sources and you must quot from the text (5 short quotations maximum FOR EACH NOVEL) No paragraphs!!Feel free to use the notes as well as the excerpts I posted on the Negritude for ideas.Feel free to use the notes I posted on The Old man and the Medal for ideas and any other secondary sources. (You need to have a minimum of 2 secondary sources)Follow the MLA forma

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