Any topic (writer’s choice)

Final Essay (150 pts.)

Word count:  750-1000 words (20)
Typed, double-spaced, one-inch margins, MLA or Chicago Style

You will present a personal and family history related to issues of gender, sex, and sexuality in a final essay. This is intended to connect the content of the course to your own life and should describe your particular relationship to some of the themes of the course. It is meant to fulfill the objectives of this SDSU GE course:

(1) to develop your intellectual capabilities necessary to the enterprise of learning;
(2) to introduce you to modes of thought characteristics of diverse academic disciplines;
(3) to help you understand the conditions and forces that shape you as a human being and influence your life;(4) to help you apply critical and informed judgments to the achievements of your own and other cultures.

Students who do not feel comfortable with this assignment may write a research paper on a different topic, as negotiated with the instructor of the course, but you must get approval for this alternative assignment before Thanksgiving break. 

The Student Learning Outcomes for this course (History 125) are:

Describe how the past influences the modern psychological, sociological, and physiological self.
Extrapolate from examples in popular culture how the modern self is sexualized.
Illustrate the pervasiveness of sexuality and the sexualized self in everyday life.
Identify the various performances of sexuality in modern popular culture.
Relate lessons of the past to ones present and future self and to ones family.

Review all powerpoints, readings, and your video/lecture notes.
Reflect on how you connect course content to your own life and describe your particular relationship to themes of the course.
Write an essay that:
demonstrates learning and reflection on any general education (especially #3) or course objectives outlined above (50)
makes reference to specific course content (sources, lectures, films, video, activities or themes). (50)
communicates ideas clearly (10).
takes organization, grammar/mechanics, and formatting into consideration (10).
cites/documents sources as necessary and correctly (10).

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