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Having written about a given set of literacies and competencies and how these can manifest as professions and roles of cultural import in the public space, you must now make an argument that addresses the development of this skill in light of its challenges and reach. Should more people seek to undertake this type of literacy to develop this skill and ultimately fill this role? Should fewer? Will this profession change in the future, and will this change benefit any group? Does our school system adequately prepare people to undertake this literacy, and should it? This argument should not only communicate the ultimate importance of this competency, but its connection to your readers and peers. 

OBJECTIVE: Compose an essay that successfully argues for the importanceof your selected literacy.
1.Brainstorm unique reasons why this literacy and its implications are important for others to experience. You are invited to discuss the literacy as a skill, the various roles people with this literacy occupy, and how this literacy functions in formal education. You are also permitted to take an antagonistic perspective and look at the detrimental side of your chosen literacy.
2.Outline your argument based on your outcome of #1. Think of three or more reasons that support your argument and pay attention to possible counterarguments.
3.Identify a minimum of two secondary sources that support your claimsabout the value of this literacy.  Also, consider drawing upon your interview conducted for the previous assignment.
4.Compose an essay that (1) presents a thesis statement, (2) offers detailed support for your claim (and possibly addresses counter claims), (3) uses secondary sources as additional support for your claim, and (4) persuades readers to thoughtfully engage with your position.
For more information about this assignment and for student examples, see pp.305-315 of the Guide to First-Year Writing.

Requirements: A 3-4 page essay including
An instructor-approved subject or platform
Articulation of why your argument has validity
A thesis that helps orient readers to the purpose and major claims of your essay
Detailed evidence from the work that supports your evaluation (two or more secondary sources that offer additional evidence)
A coherent organizational structure that supports your thesis
MLA citation for all sources in an attached works cited page
Proofreading and MLA formatting

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