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OBJECTIVE: Compose a short piece that reports on your major findings from the interview and discusses how you will use the interview data in your Essay 3.
1.Identify someone to interview (which may be conducted via phone, email, or other non-physical means). It is important to contextualize this persons credentials in your eventual paper. Someone who has earned a degree in a given field as a result of their skillset or who is professionally employed due to their skills is your most reliable option, but how their skills manifest may differsomeone with a high level of computer literacy may be a software engineer or may apply their skill toward a different profession altogether, like management or teaching.  For those of you writing about cultural and hobby literacy, you may need to identify someone with community-established credentials, like those who run their own websites, own stores related to these literacies, or have some other visible presence.
2.Create an interview plan that includes a formal set of questions. Spend a good bit of time crafting questions that will get the best and most relevant information from the interviewee. Plan to record to conversation if possible (using your phone or another device) AND to take detailed notes as you interview. Conduct the interview.
3.After interviewing, listen back/review the interview and analyze your notes/data looking for patterns OR trends in responses, especially where the information from your interview coheres with (or deviates from) your own experiences. Generate a claim about your major findings.
4.Write a short report that presents this claim as a thesis statement. Use the information from your interview to support your claim. Make sure to include some information about how you will use this interview data in Essay 3. This report is not a narrative of your experience of interviewing. The essay uses details from the interview to present your findings and give readers a reason to accept your claims about this profession and its roots in a certain type of literacy

requirements: A 3 page essay that includes:An instructor-approved point of contact
A clear thesis statement that presents your major findings from the interview
Detailed evidence to support your claim that comes from your interview (e.g. direct quotes from interviewees, summaries of their stories/explanations)
A coherent organizational structure that supports your claim (includes introduction and conclusion)
MLA citation for all sources in attached Works Cited page
Proofreading and MLA formatting
A set of research questions as an appendix

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