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Your role, as a peer reviewer, is not be the teacher or an editorits to respond as an engaged reader. The best thing you can do is read their work carefully, and faithfully record your reflections. What did you find engaging or confusing about their draft? What do you wish they had included or elaborated on further? Share your feedback as an outside reader.

the first page is for the comments in the Rubric
the second page is a comment on a long paragraph

the second page comment example:
Hi student, I think you’ve done a great job on your essay! Your first paragraph is great because you explain which disability you are going to explore, and then you give Dolmage’s interpretation of it. This really helps the reader understand what you are going to explore in your essay and why. I also really like how you point out that most people assume those with Autism are difficult, unable to engage in social situations, and make others uncomfortable. You challenge this throughout your essay with a great use of your sources. You prove with your writing that though many shows portray those with autism to act this way, it is not true for many cases. The first paragraph on page 4 is great. There is a clear picture of how the show uses autism to be dehumanizing, therefore relating to Dolmage’s myth of loneliness and isolation. Your conclusion paragraph is also a great close. You restate all the points brought up throughout the essay to help the reader remember. I really felt like I learned more about those with ASD after reading your paper. I did notice minor spelling/ grammatical errors. Less than 10! I’m not sure how hard she will grade on that area, it may be worth double checking! Great work

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