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Imagine someone subscribes to a conspiracy theory that it is not safe to vaccinate children. Does that person make some kind of epistemic and moral error in holding that belief? Aim to work out your own ideas by responding to one argument in each of the two readings you select. Be sure to consider and respond to objections to your argument. Readings to consider: Clifford, Hank Green, Crash Course Philosophy video on conspiracy theories, Shatmadari.

In your paper make sure you:

1. Have a thesisa claim you are arguing forand a thesis sentence near the start of the paper. Be sure your thesis gives a brief statement of your reasons for arguing as you do, e.g. In this paper, I will argue that reparations for slavery is just because…..”

2. Develop your own ideas by engaging with the arguments from several philosophy readings.

3.Try to set out the main argument of your paper in premise and conclusion form.

4.Give page citations (in brackets, e.g. Chan, 271) to all central ideas noted in the reading.

5.Have a WORKS CITED section at the end where you cite all the articles and resources you have used.

6.Consider objections to your thesis.

7.Respond as best as you can to the objections.

8. Have a conclusion in which you tell the reader what you have shown in the paper.

Shatmadari reading link:

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