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Write about / ANALYZE the THEME of the film HIDDEN FIGGURES (2016)

6 full analysis pages

Go beyond the basic story events of a films plot, to reveal its essential theme.
2) Explore how this theme is developed using film techniques.
3) Examine how the film reflects or shapes the cultural moment in which it is produced.

In the introduction, you will make a claim about the meaning of the film. The body of the essay will be a series of distinct paragraphs in which you discuss how the filmmakers use techniques across several scenes in order to develop this meaning. Follow this by exploring the cultural context of the films release. Conclude by tying up the strands of your discussion with a closing insight.

10-in text citations for quotes. ideas from outside sources, including ideas from the movie.

cite sources  on the work cited page

do not collect an entire paragraph just reflect / Analyze it this is a film research paper

consider searching  these sources:

BERKSHIRE, GEOFF. Kevin Costner. Variety, vol. 334, no. 8, Dec. 2016, p. 22. EBSCOhost,

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