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This course will involve learning various theoretical and practice models in Social Work practice with couples. Clinicians will oftentimes find themselves drawn to specific models, or possibly having adverse reactions to a particular model. It is important to evaluate and understand these reactions. Each unit of this course you will learn about various experiences in working with couples. Reporting on the various concepts and how you see this translating into your practice is very important in your identity development as a social worker. You may consider using the reflection assignments assigned throughout the semester to develop into a complete report of a modality of your choice. The report will be approximately 5-7 pages (a minimum of full 5 pages, maximum of 7 pages).

The report should highlight:

Review of key concepts, principles, and techniques covered in the Handbook. The summary content of the Gurman chapters should be factual, practical information that you can utilize as quick references in your future as a practitioner.
Personal commentaries and reactions to the specific cases presented in Case Studies books. These commentaries or reactions should highlight how you would see yourself using these techniques or modalities in practice.
Include and synthesize information from at least one empirical article that provide evidence and identify a means to work with this issue in a clinical manner. Please work to choose an article within the past 10-15 years (e.g. 2005-2020).
Identify at least one relevant resource or tool to you would use with this modality (e.g. client handout or homework, training manual, etc.). Include your rationale as to how you would see yourself using this in clinical practice.

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