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Resiliency Plan Document Prompt:  Using the work you have put together in this module (resiliency journal and preparatory notes), Choose one time in your life when you were able to overcome a major obstacle or problem. 

What did you learn from this experience?  Offer at last five lessons learned.

What personal strengths were critical to your process of change or adaption?  Offer at least three strengths and explain how you used them to overcome this issue.

How did reflecting on this episode in your life contribute to your understanding of how to overcome additional problems that you will face in the future?  Offer at least three components that answer this question. 

You should use your experience and our course as a resource.  You have freedom to develop and write this piece as a vision of your own practice for the future.  It must, though, address the questions above with adequate support and demonstrate wisdom gained from the course.

Due When:  Week #5

Length: 1 2 pages (double spaced 12 font APA style)

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