Any topic (writer’s choice)

Everyone MUST answer the following question. (50 points)

Discuss the similarities and differences between the Colonial and Enlightenment periods. Use at least one author from each period with references from specific pieces of literature to support the similaritites and differences (remember to focus on the characteristics of each period).

II. Answer ONE of the following.(50 points)

1. Discuss the style of language used in Common Sense and The Crisis, No. 1. How does this style impact the reader? What emotional language is used? How are these literary pieces good examples of persuasive writing?

2. How does Phillis Wheatley’s poem “On Being Brought from Africa to America” express thanks? Also, how does her writing differ greatly from literary pieces from the Colonial period as far as content? Be specific.

3.Discuss Ben Franklin’s appeal to the “mass” public. Be very specific in your examples. If he were alive today, what areas of our modern culture do you think he would be most interested in? Exactly why? These must make some connection with what we really know about him and his life.

***When you complete this test you will have answered TWO essay questions.***

Remember, use specific examples from the readings to support your answer. Keep this flow in mind when writing your essays:

–make a statement–give specific example(s) from the literature for support–then explain HOW the specific example supports the statement

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