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Choose a well-known author and read 3 of his works (novels, plays, short stories or poems). Write a 1500-2000 word literary research paper, using the 3 works, as well as at least 2 literary critics which you incorporate into the paper. So, you will need a Works Cited page with at least 5 sources and at least 5 quotations to match within the paper.  Analyze how the authors background comes through in his literary works. Biographical information must be cited, and you must use a quote from all 3 literary works. You may not use I except in Conclusion

I CHOSE MAYA ANGELOU AND HER WORKS “Still I Rise, Womans work, and on the pulse of morning.

For essay 2, I plan to use the author Maya Angelous 3 works And Still I Rise , Woman Work and On The Pulse of Morning. Upon research of the author on, I plan to connect Her struggles during world war ll, race, gender and childhood traumas to her works of fiction.

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