Any topic (writer’s choice)

Choose a topic relating to child development that you have personal interest in and develop a hypothesis about that topic that you would like to research.  Examples may include questioning the impact of certain drugs on adolescent behavior, or the impact of a specific mental illness in child rearing, etc.
Acquire a minimum of 5 scholarly articles, journals, or texts that will help you to answer your question or hypothesis.  Make sure that your sources are credible.  The best way to ensure that your sources are scholarly is to access them from the
Review your findings and summarize them in the form of a literature review paper that includes the following:
Cover page
Review of the literature
Not including the cover page and reference section, your paper should be 3-5 double-spaced pages.  (including the cover page and references, your paper would be a minimum of 5 pages).
Your paper must be written in APA style.
Email your topic to me no later than 11/15/20 for approval.
For help with APA format, refer to:

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