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We often look through our magazines without really paying attention to some detail that is inevitably inside those magazines.  With this in mind, find three (3) magazines of your choice (Sports Illustrated, Field and Stream, Cosmopolitan, Better Homes and Gardens, etc.).  Look through your three chosen magazines and answer the following questions about each magazine you have chosen (please state the name and issue or volume of the magazine you in which you are describing or have chosenafter signifying the magazine and issue, please answer all of the questions or respond to the statements below about the magazines you select):

1)What is the name of the magazine?
2)What is the volume/issue of the magazine (be specific with date)?
3)Briefly describe your magazine.
What type of magazine is this (i.e. a sports magazine, a fashion magazine, a fishing magazine, a general interest , magazine, etc.)?
4)Who is the target audience of this magazine?
5)Does this magazine utilize the ideology of sex sells or “violence sells” to sell?
6)Are ads placed in proximity (or not) to editorial content of a related topic (e.g., suntan lotion or sunglasses ads next to an article about beach vacations)?  If so, give examples (give at least two (2) examples).  If not, give examples (give at least two (2) examples).
7)How aesthetically similar (or not) are the ads and editorial content (e.g., the style of a magazines photo shoot and its fashion ads, the color of the ad and the editorial contentin other words, are the ads similar in color, font style, etc. to the editorial content)?  Give examples (give at least two (2) examples).
8)Are there ads that seem to be at odds with the editorial content (e.g., cigarette ads in youth oriented magazine)?  If so, give examples.  If not, please state ads seeming to be at odds with the editorial content is not applicable.
9)Do ad pages and/or ad space outnumber editorial content pages?  Count the ratio (approximately).  In other words, how many ads are there compared to actual stories or editorial content.
10)Do ad pages make it hard to find the magazines table of contents and the actual article(s)?  If so, give examples (give at least two (2) examples).  If not, please state the editorial content, actual stories, and table of contents were easy to find.”

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