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At the heart of sociology is the use of disciplined study to understand common social experiences or challenges. Write a complete analysis of one of the current events in the following articles.  Respond to the article according to the following structure in full sentences with the headings provided.  Your essay should be no more than 5 pages 1.5 spaced.

1.  Description of problem  6 marks
    a)  Re-tell the problem in your own words.
        b)  Identify the social institutions involved in the problem.
        c)  Describe the dynamics of the problem using your knowledge of social roles as they apply to the interactions described in the article.
2. Theoretical analysis  30 marks
        Explain the problem from the perspective of each of the three theoretical paradigms.
3. Problem solution 6 marks
        Predict three possible solutions to the problem based on your theoretic analysis.
4. Research hypothesis 6 marks
    Write one hypothesis which might be used test the outcome of one of your solutions in #3 above.
5. Grammar, style 2 marks.

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