Any topic

In-depth critical analysis with contemporary perspectives in psychology is required. Any citation style, using 12-point font, double spaced- 500-750 words per paper.

Please select a topic from the list below:

Choose a behavior you would like to study developmentally. Approach it both longitudinally and using a cross-sectional design. Where would you have challenges with each? What would you gain from each approach? How might you decide which one ultimately to use? Answers to these questions will enlighten you on the strengths, weaknesses, and useful contexts of each design.
Explain Eriksons concept of trust versus mistrust. Give a hypothetical situation of a parent-infant interaction that leads to the infant developing trust and a hypothetical situation in which the infant would develop mistrust.
Explain what Erikson means by saying that early childhood is dominated by feelings of initiative versus guilt.
Compare and contrast any two theories of gender development. Indicate whether these theories contradict each other, or whether an eclectic use of them would enhance our understanding of gender development.
What does it mean to think of a family as a system? Illustrate your answer using the concepts of reciprocal socialization, scaffolding, or attachment.
Explain Kohlbergs theory of moral development, and indicate three criticisms of his approach.

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