Any Research Topic

For your final essay, you need to pick a topic that is of interest to you and develop a paper that explores the issue in depth, integrating at least two sources of academic quality.

Please also note the following guidelines:

About Originality
Papers that commit plagiarism will be given a zero and the student may be asked to leave the class. All works are run through plagiarism detection software.

Formatting and Research Requirements
800 words minimum
5 par format essay is suggested but not required; at a minimum, you must have a clear intro, at least three body paragraphs, and a conclusion
12pt font, times new roman, standard margins
The paper must follow MLA format
Unique title
No personal pronouns (I, you, us, one, we, one and our)
A thesis statement should be present in the introduction.

Research Requirements
This essay does have a research requirement: you should include a minimum of two academic sources. All sources should be cited in MLA.

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