Anxiety disorder

The project will include:

Students will create a Fast Fact Sheet (no more than 3 pagesits required that you create some sort of brochure/handoutthis is not a research paper!) that would simulate a document that you would provide parents or other educators to educate & inform them about the specific disability category you have been assigned. The fast fact sheet is required to includebut is not limited to:
Disability Definition (as defined by IDEA or other research-based criteria)
Common characteristics of the disability
Common treatments or interventions that can be used to assist a person with the disability
Strategies/Tips for teachers/parents who work with a student with the disability
Websites or other resources that would provide information/valid information
Any other important information that the student feels would be essential
Please noteResearch Journals and your textbooks should be used to support the information provided on the fast facts sheet. APA style writing & citations are required. Students who plagiarize (or copy straight from texts/articles without citations, will be given a score of 0 for this project).
Examples will be posted. Anyone who plagiarizes an example will receive an automatic 0 for the course.
**As educators, we will have teachers and parents come to us as the experts. They will ask your advicethey will ask your guidance. The Fast Fact Sheet is meant to serve as an example of something you would give someone in need of more information about a specific topic under the umbrella of EBD. The fast Fact Sheet should be easy to read, parent friendly, and contain limited educational jargon. While creativity is not the sole component of the grade—it will be a factor considered in the overall grade for this assignment. Think about brochures or handouts that you would want to read. Create something interesting! Have fun with this assignment.

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