Answer the three sections

Section 1
1. May an employer be directly liable for torts committed by an employee? Why or why not?
2. May an employer may be liable for negligently selecting, instructing, or supervising an employee? Why or why not?

Section 2
You are assigned to investigate the death of a police officer and his wife who died as their car spun off the road on New Years, hitting a tree in the early morning.  When the toxicology comes back 6 weeks later it shows the husband, who was driving to be positive for cocaine.
-How will you proceed with this information knowing there are two small children surviving their parents and a pending $600,000 life insurance payout?
-Please do a little research here and find a toxicology report first, and if possible, a tox report for a MVA death due to the influence of cocaine.
-Why did you make the decisions you made?

Section 3
Do you think lawyers should be required to spend hours volunteering their legal services for pro-bono work or would a monetary contribution be sufficient? Why or Why not?

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