Angiosperm Paper – Saguaro Cactus

All students are required to write two short papers (at least three, 1.5X-spaced pages of text beyond the title and literature cited) that describes current forestry management or scientific issues/challenges about a specific tree species and research being conducted to address the issues/challenges. The paper should cite at least three credible, peer-reviewed articles as references.

The objectives of the paper are for students to learn about current management and scientific issues and challenges in forestry, the depth of information available for most tree species, the scientific process that creates such information, and to develop specialized knowledge and skills in electronic searches for scientific information.  The paper should describe and synthesize the topic in the students own words. The grade for the paper will be based on the following criteria: completeness 75% (to what degree was the assignment fully completed), writing quality 25% (appropriate use of paragraphs with topic sentences, complete sentences with few writing errors and misspellings).  Use the Council of Science Editors (CSE) Style Manual  as a guide for how to correctly cite your three articles.  Please use the name-year system (for example, Smith and Jones 1990) in the text with a full citation at the end of your paper.  See the example below for how to cite your journal articles; both in text and in the literature cited section.

Citation NAME/YEAR :

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