Analyzing form and content ( writers choice)

Analyzing Form and Content
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For this paper , you will be writing a short (2-3 page) essay about an artwork of your choice. Be creative! Youll do what art historians do youll analyze the appearance and meaning of an artwork of your choice.
You can pick something traditional like a painting from an art history textbook, from Smarthistory, from a Google search, or you can pick something nontraditional like a mural (wall painting) in your neighborhood, a clothing item, a drawing you made, a still image from a Youtube video, a movie poster, a tattoo, an album cover, something you found on social media, a logo, etc. Your artwork can come from any culture that interests or connects to you.
Choose something that you can describe and interpret in interesting ways. Dont just pick something you like. You need to be able to make a persuasive argument about the artworks meaning using its formal (visual) characteristics to back up that argument.
Here are some great places to choose your artwork from:
– the Mets 82nd and 5th series: (Look in List view).
– the Mets Viewpoint series, Body Language, about sculpture:

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