Analytical Paper- Literature for Young Children

explore how its present in a childrens book (or books) of your choice. You should provide a close reading analysis of the book(s), supporting your argument with specific evidence as you explore the nuances of the books in light of Griswolds discussion of childrens literature. decide on 2 or 3 main points that youd like to explore in childrens literature.I want you to be able to think about Griswolds ideas and figure out if/how they work in discussing childrens literature. Your job will be to show an understanding of Griswolds concept and to use that to frame your own discussion of childrens literature, so that you show both an understanding of Griswolds concepts and childrens literature.Be sure that your thesis is clearly and closely defined, so that it can be fully developed. The central goal of this assignment is to demonstrate your ability to read analytically and examine the text in detail.  Define your thesis, narrow your focus, and provide a close reading, including the use of quotations or specific examples from illustrations to support your argument.  Its important that you prove your argument with analysis and evidence.Your argument should be central here. Dont just put Griswolds concept on top of literature. Add your voice and your argument to what youre exploring.Put your thesis statement in boldface. 


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