Analytic Anchor

Analytical Anchor Assignment Requirements
These assignments require learners to:
1) Demonstrate their comprehension of an analytical anchor (e.g., course concept
and/or framework); and
2) Use this concept to discuss the course content and knowledge you are acquiring in the course.
Learning Outcomes:
Advance your analytical thinking/writingidentity, differentiate, and apply key course
(i.e., victim blaming, rape culture, gender inequality).
Express ideas clearly and persuasively in written form
Paragraph One (Definition 4-6 sentences, double spaced, Font Times New Roman):
Step One: select a concept from our required course readings and provide a definition.
Your definition must demonstrate your comprehension of the concept.
Cite the source of your definition (citation format doesnt matter, the source just has to be
Paragraph Two (200-250 words per paragraph, double spaced, Front Times New Roman):
Step Two: Apply this concept to develop an analysis.
Remember opinion + evidence = an argument
Still unclear about the difference between description and analysis (please see links in
Resource Folder Analytical Anchor).
The goal here is to write a critical / analytical paragraph.
Further Directions for Preparation of Analytical Anchor Exercises:
Write two separate paragraphs (paragraph one will explicitly establish your analytical
anchor (identify/define a concept).
Paragraph two will relate the analytical anchor to the learning in the course. In other words,
your discussion of your learning will be anchored by your chosen analytical concept.
The aim of the first short paragraph is for students to clearly demonstrate their
understanding of their analytical anchor (chosen concept/framework, term).
The aim of paragraph two is to apply their analytical anchor. To develop an analysis of
your course content around the analytical anchor you have chosen.
If it helps, here are some suggestions for paragraph openers:
___________is the concept Im exploring.It can be defined as
The second paragraph could potentially begin with:
This concept is important to our course because
Note: These are suggestions; you are NOT limited to these suggestions.
Make sure that your analytical anchor is self-evident and that the connection between your
concept and analysis of course learning is explicit and clear.
Additional Insights and Tips:
This assignment is an opportunity for learners to demonstrate both their comprehension of and
analytical engagement with the course content.
Opportunity for learners to demonstrate their ability to make analytical connections, employ
course concepts/terminology and draw connections between important conceptual frameworks
from the course.
Opportunity for learners to produce written work that is clear, concise, and coherent.

also Note you will be writing 3 different analytic anchors, one page per topic while using all the resources attached to the instructions  please no outside source.

Tittle 1. Sexual Assault and Coercion
Tittle 2. working with men and boys to prevent sexual violence against women and girls
Tittle 3. Masculinity

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