The topics of Carol Dwecks excerpt and Agustin Fuentes are very different; however, they both concern themselves with misinformation, repercussions of individuals and social groups, and perhaps even the failure of learning (or learning institutions depending on your perspective). Whether you attempt to analyze these together or attempt only one is up to you.

If you consider them together then consider the following questions: Where do these authors ideas about technology overlap, interact, and diverge? Who are the stakeholders they are calling to action or are they calling anyone to action? What do you think the goal of their work is and why (evidence would be a really good idea here).

Compose an essay that places these authors in conversation before you draw your own conclusions about the topic. You should draw on your own specific experiences to make your point. You should also incorporate the voices of others you have talked tofriends, family, coworkers, and classmates who have thoughts on these topics (are stakeholders).

Standard MLA citations ( at least 4)

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