American Justice

For this essay, you may focus on any issues that relate to the criminal justice system and that interest you. you can use your thought about the questions below:
How does our criminal justice system define those who are accused of crimes in our country?
1.How do these definitions likely impact the way the system works and its treatment of individuals?
2.What does justice seem to mean according to the systems aims?
3.Based on your understanding of American values, does the system seem just?
4.Why does the system operate this way?  What might be done to improve the system?  5.What obstacles might be preventing change?
You can focus on children, inmates, lawyers, media representation, political involvement, capital punishment practices, or any criminal justice-related issues that spark your interest.
You must make an argument about some aspect of the criminal justice system.
You must relate this argument to questions of American identity or American values.
You must reference Bryan Stevenson’s Just Mercy and show your understanding of some aspect of his argument.  You are expected to cite him at length (rather than just one or two references/quotations).
You must use 2 SOURCES, one of these sources must be from the reading”Bryan Stevenson’s Just Mercy”.  the other can be another peer-reviewed text, a text that is credible but not scholarly (an op-ed, newspaper article, web article, or book chapter, for example), or a non-textual source (an interview, documentary, film, or image, for example).

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