Alternatives to Home Care

Part A     1800  =/-10% words     Weighing 50%
Write a report critically appraising how Irish social policy associated with one form of alternative to home care embeds concepts of citizenship, quality of life and person-centred care, identifying what theoretical frameworks have informed the policies or regulations.
Introduction give an outline of what you are going to cover in the assignment must include what Social Policy you are going to use and for what cohort and your rationale
Main Body critically appraise the policy in relation to its concepts of citizenship, quality of life and person centred care.
Appraise the strengths and weaknesses of the policy -link to empirical study such as a Comparative Studies from other countries
Discuss what theoretical frameworks and how they have informed the policy/regulations.
Conclusion synopsis of your research findings

Part B    1800  =/-10% words          Weighing 50%
Write a critical analysis about how the policies and regulations identified in Part A have influenced the real lives of services users and staff in professional social care, from either direct experience, and/or using research and testament from the service user and (if relevant) family perspective.
Introduction give a brief over view of your chosen policy and cohort
Main Body
How has or does the policies and regulations influence/inform the real lives of individuals (cohort) e.g. link to evidence/facts/statistics/direct experience/testament/(family perspective) etc. (positives/negatives/challenges/benefits /support etc)
How has or does the policy and regulations influence/inform staff in professional social care link to empirical evidence/facts/statistics/direct experiences/testament/(family perspectives if applicable) etc. (positives/negatives/challenges/benefits/support etc)

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