Aileen Wuornos

Select a theory to explain a female offender’s criminal behavior.  You can use any of the theories used in the course text, but don’t feel limited to do so – if you have another criminological theory you feel would better explain the behavior, please do so.

We know that sometimes, women and girls who have been victimized retaliate against their abuser. In some cases, these females are charged with criminal offenses. While there has technically been a violation of the law, there are mitigating factors that we would like the courts to take into consideration.

For this assignment, I want you to further investigate the Aileen Wournos case. A case where the perpetrator is a a woman and could be considered  both the victim and the offender. This is a case where the female offenders criminal activity is somehow linked to her victimization (e.g., a domestic violence victim who kills her partner, a child molestation victim who kills her molester).

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