aging families

Watch two (2) of the video segments:

Part 3 – The Importance of Home, Family and Independence
Part 4 – Parents and Children: A Good Death
Your review of the films should include comments on:

1. While some families are able to care for their families at home, some aren’t. What are some of the reasons this is the case?

2. The important family developmental issues that you found in the video with relevant references to your readings
Applications of the semesters dimensions (skills, systems, values, purpose) to understanding issues raised in the film

3. One issue/concern that is/was of importance in your own life.

4. One question raised by the film that you would like to explore further?

5. Very important concepts this week are bereavement and loss ( grief).
The difference is that bereavement is best described as experienced loss of a loved one and adjustment to this loss is grief which is an emotional response to the loss.
There is also another issue when we think of end of life and it is hospice and palliative care.
Please research these concepts and post the difference between them

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