Agency and Resources

To complete the assignment, you must finish ALL three projects

Search the internet and virtually visit:

California Department of Rehabilitation
Goal: Apply for Vocational Services

In 3 pages (double spaced) answer the following questions:
1. Describe the service(s)/benefit for which you are applying:
2. Who qualifies for this service(s)/benefit?
3. How would someone go about accessing the service(s)/benefit you are trying to seek?
4. What was the overall feel/atmosphere of the process?  What was your experience?


Click Our Services on the top banner

Click on the link for Adults

Click on the Full Service Partnership (FSP) link on the bottom of the page.

Explore the webpage and turn in the following:

1. A one-page description IN YOUR OWN WORDS of what a Full Service Partnership (FSP) is.

Uncover the process for getting an official copy of your birth certificate and social security card.  Write up a one-page explanation of these processes. 

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