advertising and public relation on campaign at Egypt in arabic languages

1-Task environment analysis, including those forces and organisations that the
company interact with and affect its performance (supplier relations, buyer
relations, competitors relations, Socio-economic actors, Economic actors,
Political/legal actors, Technological actors). You need to ask the following
What are the long term external forces/ actors that are developing now?
Which one affect the organization and which is the most important now and
in the future?
2- Identify the crisis occurred in the last 3 years that affected the reputation of the
organization and how did they handle it from a communication perspective, also the
issues the company raised how did that they worked on.
3- Based on crisis or issues discussed in question 3, analyse the following:
Objectives developed to handle crises or issues
Identify the public addressed and their segmentation
The message or dialogue developed for each
The strategies and tactics applied to achieve objectives.

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