ABC crisis intervention

Jill is a 27-year-old nurse who has come to you for help. She is working to put her husband through medical school. Jill sits back very uneasily in the chair and when she moves, she sometimes grimaces in pain. She loves her husband and wants to please him, but there is nothing she can do to make him happy anymore. She is complaining about being unassertive. Due to her lack of sexual responsiveness, he sometimes gets extremely angry and does things to her. Jill is afraid that her husband will find out that she is here today for help.

Review the case study and write a 4-5 page paper on how you, the crisis worker, will help the client in crisis using the ABC Model of Crisis Intervention. Your assignment should be supported throughout by references to the readings as well as one outside resource obtained from the Purdue Global Library.

Describe the ABC Model of Crisis Intervention
Apply each stage of the model to the case study by answering each question below:
Stage A

Describe your goal in this stage
What skills will you use to accomplish this goal with Jill?
Stage B

Identify the clients issue(s), their level of distress and impairment in functioning.
What ethical considerations will you explore with Jill in this stage and why?
Provide two examples of the types of therapeutic interaction or interventions you might use with Jill. Please refer to Table 3.2 on page 48 of the text for help with this stage.
Stage C

What coping strategies might you recommend for helping Jill?
Explain the reasoning for your recommendations.

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