A long walk to water

Book is A Long walk to water by Linda Sue Park

Your reflections should:
    Be 500-750 words in length
    Include your context for the reading. How does the reading fit into what you are learning in this class or other classes?
    Include your reactions to the reading. (How did the book make you feel? Which people did you relate to most? What surprised you the most? Etc)
    Include your personal reflections: How does this reading affect you as a human being? What will you think about or do differently in your personal life or relationships with others?
    Include your professional reflections: How can you apply this book in your future career? What might you do differently having read this book?
    Refer to specific events that occur in the book, using chapter numbers.
    Be entirely your original work- no need to consult outside sources!
    Not just summarize the book.

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