A life-time of hazardous drinking and harm to health among older adults

Part 1

Write a lay summary for your chosen paper. Remember to include the following sections:
a) Image, photo or diagram that illustrates the topic of the article. This should be captioned
and, if necessary, credited.
b) Headline that is impactful, factually accurate and encourages the reader to read on.
c) One-sentence topline that summarises what is novel about the research or its findings.
d) The main body: a summary of the research article that avoids jargon and makes it clear
what was done, how, why and by whom.
e) Reference for the article (APA style).

The above should be 500 words

Part 2

Answer the following three questions about your chosen article. Please note that the questions
are the same for each article.
a) The article discusses some limitations and strengths of the study. What other factors
limit or strengthen the internal and external validity of the study and why?
b) Do the findings have implications for policy and clinical practice? Please explain the
rationale for any implications, or why they may not have implications.
c) Critically describe how the study could be extended or adapted, and what further
insights could be gained from this.

The above should be 1000 words

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