A comparison of A Doll house and Shiloh

Final Project Directions:
For the final project you have tremendous latitude to explore the material in whatever ways you find interesting and helpful. The design of your final project will grow out of the discussions that you and I have about your plans for the project. Together we will design your individual project, including the means by which it will be assessed. However, here are some general considerations that you should have and some aspects that will be included in your evaluation:
The topic must have some relation to the course content and focus.
The topic must be approved by me before you proceed.
Written projects or components of projects must be formatted per MLA guidelines and follow appropriate academic conventions.
All project should be designed to be shared with the class.
You may or may not choose to use outside research.
The project should include an analysis component. For instance, if you make a video of a scene from one of the plays, you will need to provide a written component that explains why you chose to do so and your analysis of how the change in medium impacted the play and its objective.

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