770 Christian Leadership & Followership in Ethical Organizational Cultures

This is a discussion board reply. You will reply to the attached classmate paper. You will add knowledge to the paper. You should introduce fresh thoughts ( rather than repeating the initial post), Engage in the initial thread reply.

You will read Post 1 and Post 2. You will reply to post 2 which is a reply from a peer to post 1. You will integrate at least 1 biblical principal/integration and integrate course material from the book. You must have at least 2 scholarly references along with the textbook (Johnson)


The reply must include 3 scholarly sources in the current APA 7 format.
Must use  APA 7 format, the textbook, and the integration of 1 biblical principal as outlined in the Discussion Board Rubric which is attached.

Readings (Books attached)

Johnson Ch 9. Self Assessment 9.1
Damer Ch. 7
Koukl: Jesus

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