755 Coaching Models Discussion

Discussion Thread
Discussions are collaborative learning experiences. The thread must demonstrate course related knowledge. The thread must contain citations and references from at least 2 different PEER REVIEWED articles and 1 citation and reference from the attached textbook in current APA format. and I biblical integration.

Even if someone is talking to a light pole, it is better that they are, at least, talking. But coaching is not just listening or telling. It is a unique approach utilized to allow the coachee (client) to grow. Why? Because they have the results inside of them – and coaches help to bring it out of them. But this can be challenging, especially for an individual that thinks they are good at giving advice. Chapter 3 of your textbook dives into various models of coaching.

Choose one model, provide a brief overview, but then evaluate its pros and its cons. They all are not right for every situation and scenario. Therefore, provide a coaching scenario in which you believe that your chosen model might work the best. Be sure to support your suggestion and response with solid research.

Textbook Reading
    Boysen-Rotelli: chapter 3

Learning Outcomes
Upon successful completion of this module, you will be able to:
    Evaluate the various coaching models and how they are effective for the leader and organization.
    Deconstruct one of the coaching models and analyze what differentiates it from the others.
    Reflect on various leadership challenges experienced in the workplace and how a coaching partnership may assist.
    Examine some the needs and reasons for coaching in the workplace.
    Integrate a Biblical worldview, the textbook and research within the context of executive organizational coaching.

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