5th Amendment

Students will choose one of the eligible amendments to the United State Constitution, to research and write a 7 8 page paper on. The research paper should include such things as the historical arguments for the necessity of the amendment, the relevancy of the amendment, any possible critiques they have of the amendment, possible Supreme Court rulings on the interpretation of the amendment, and the possible evolution of our understanding and interpretation of the amendment. Additionally, students must have 7 sources, and 1 peer reviewed source.

Paper MUST be in Times New Roman 12 Font, and in APA format, with citations in correct APA format.

Also please make sure to highlight which of your 8 sources is a peer reviewed (aka scholar) source. If you have questions as to how to find a peer reviewed source message me.

I chose the 5th Amendment

For this assignment I want you all to really get into the arguments and why people felt the amendment was needed. Again you will and should be focusing on not just the why we have the amendment, but how has our understanding of it evolved over time. You can find this by looking at Supreme Court rulings relevant to your amendment. For some amendments you can write about how policy also might have changed involving it.

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