5 paragaph Final short story

Analysis Prompt: At the end of the story, Pancake crafts a final image of Hollis succumbing to the reality of his dire situation. Pancake uses funeral imagery to describe Hollis as he takes his nap, and we can assume Pancake wants to convey how dead and hopeless Hollis feels. But why?  Now, look back at the story and develop a thesis explaining which elements from the story help to understand/reveal/prove why Hollis feels like he is attending his own funeral.

Provide support for your claims; Use quotes from the text
Develop your analysis in each body paragraph but only one point per paragraph
Discuss his main conflict within the story/why he would feel so dead
You may want to analyze symbols/symbolism which help to reveal his feelings
You may want to describe and/or use examples from the text /Pancake’s descriptions of the setting to support your understanding of Hollis’ feelings
Maybe discuss family relationships, guilt and neglect–are these factors?

hen writing, remember :

Do not use the storys title as the title of your paper.
Adhere to MLA format and proofread line by line.
In the first paragraph please: include the authors name, title of story (in quotes), a brief summary/synopsis of the story, and your thesis statement (which is a reworking of the actual prompt question explaining what you will argue within  the paper).
You must expand your claims and ideas in the body paragraphs, but focus each paragraph to only one specific aspect you want to discuss.
Use transitions that guide the reader to your exact point. You do not have to write your assessments in chronological order of the story’s plot. You may want to write transitions and signal phrases like these:
After Hollis goes hunting;
At one point in the story, Hollis….;
The author Pancake uses the setting  to help illustrate the importance of.
The conclusion is your chance to shine! Engage the reader by suggesting something about the reading that affected you personally, or you may relate the storys overarching theme and thesis to the larger world existing outside of the text. Maybe some all powerful truth that is revealed in the story also holds true in life. It is possible for the authors depictions to resonate through time and space meeting us here in the now of this moment.

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