1.Identify and compare moral ambiguity illustrated in The Tell- Tale Heart by Edgar Allen Poe and Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God by Jonathan Edward.

Topic: Choose ONE of the options below based on one or two reading assignments.  This will also be the same piece you use for your oral presentation.  Whatever your choice of subject, this paper must focus primarily on an analysis of the literature in your book as it relates to that subject. You may not do a biography of an author.
1.    Identify and compare moral ambiguity illustrated in The Tell- Tale Heart by Edgar Allen Poe and Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God by Jonathan Edward.
For the selections you choose to analyze, you must first decide what theme or main idea the writer was trying to express and how your subject fits into that presentation. Analyze your topic; do not waste your time retelling the plot.
NO RELIGIOUS SELECTION MAY BE THE SUBJECT OF YOUR PAPER!!! It is impossible to find acceptable CRITICAL sources that do something other than interpret the text.  NO EXCEPTIONS!  Dont even ask.
Length: Your final paper should be about 1500-2000 words.

Sources:  You MUST have five critical sources from the following locations: (1) journal/magazine/periodical articles from the AVL, (2) book(s) other than your text which may be found in the Coastal Librarys Salem Press. They can be any mixture you please.  The minimum of five acceptable sources should be sufficiently varied in type and author to show breadth and depth. Remember also to keep in mind the validity or credibility of your sources, whether these are well-researched works by unbiased authors. Failure to have the minimum number and types of required sources will result in an automatic deduction of five points off the top of your research paper grade. No internet sources (.com, .net, .org, etc.) are acceptable. Free essays.com, sparknotes.com, cliffnotes.com, essays.com, shmoop univ., and the like are not acceptable and will be downgraded accordingly!!!!

Format:  Your manuscript should be in MLA (Modern Language Association) format, and a portion of your grade will be based on your strict adherence to those requirements. Everything MUST be typed.

What you will turn in when your final paper is due:
1.    Manuscript thats the paper itself
2.    Works cited page attached to the manuscript
3.    Printed copies of all your sources with the information which you used highlighted. This is not the Works Cited page but literal copies of the pages of sources you cited on the WC page. (I will not grade your paper until the sources have been submitted.) After a week, you will receive a 0 if the sources have not been submitted.
You may include a cover page if you wish, but a folder is not necessary. However, the paper MUST be stapled before you come to class to submit it.
What you will be graded on:
1.    The usual elements of the essay: introduction with thesis statement, body with 
supporting details, and conclusion.
2.    Logical organization of your information.



Salem Press: **copy and paste in the search bar**

If any other resources are used please be sure them send me the link to them.

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