1.Higher levels of incarceration/Colonization/Alternate Dispute Resolution

I have provided an already completed annotated bibliography, I did receive feedback for this part of the assignment and I will provide it below. I have also included the instructions within the uploaded materials.

“intro is too brief, please review the assignment description to read the instructions. State your issues specifically, are you researching trauma or the justice system or both.  Framing the issue using research was necessary as well as answering some questions that were posed.  Some of your research is substantially old, 2003, 2005, 2007, we want to stay in the 10-year range for most of it, older info is ok to describe but I want you to stay current as well.
The justice system was developed on attitudes, ideologies, that were racist and oppressive, so systemic racism is embedded in all systems (including education, medical, psychology) Once we understand the Doctrine of Discovery we can begin to start to see the truth of how Canada emerged – now we have to consider how to decolonize – how do we push out colonialism and make room for Indigenous ways.  I think this would be a good point for you to explore a bit more.  what are the traditional methods of dealing with conflict?  How do we go back in the past to look at root causes for today’s manifestation of high incarceration rates?  I look forward to your paper!”

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